5 Best Restaurants in Laguna Beach

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A vibrant and thriving culture and art scene, Laguna Beach is a popular spot for artists, art lovers, and, of course, anyone who needs a little sun, sand, and waves in their life. Even better, Laguna Beach is also home to a diverse and delicious food scene ready to excite and satisfy locals and tourists alike. Need to know what the best places to visit are? We’ve got you covered. Here are our picks for the best restaurants in Laguna Beach.

Nick’s Laguna Beach

Innovation is a common theme in the Laguna Beach food scene, and this local favorite is no exception. Nick’s Laguna Beach is a casual yet upscale spot for some fantastic comfort food and American classics. Some wonderful patio seating lets you enjoy the beautiful California weather, and a strong dedication to hospitality and service will have you feeling at home.

Being a favorite also means being popular, however, and being able to sit down and eat at Nick’s Laguna Beach isn’t always an easy feat. Lengthy waiting times await, and reservations aren’t easy to come by, but the iconic prime rib sandwich certainly makes all the hassle worth it.

Check out their site here for more information.

Thai Bros Restaurant

You can’t have food scene innovation without some fusion, and Thai Bros certainly doesn’t mess around. Mixing culinary traditions with modern interpretations, this will quickly become your go-to spot for some post-beach drunken noodles.

Friendly service, spicy noodles, and a happy regular crowd. What more can you need? More information on their website here.


Every great food scene needs some outstanding Italian, and Laguna Beach has Alessa. An impressive wine selection and pasta and charcuterie both made in-house, Certified Italian Chef Alessandro Pirozzi brings his childhood experiences helping his grandmother’s kitchen lessons front and center.

Locals love coming in for a glass of fantastic wine, some wonderful cooking, and a great conversation. Take one look at the pictures of the menu and you’ll see why Alessa’s is widely regarded to be the best Italian food in the area.

A dinner plate and wine glasses at a fancy restaurant like you can find at a restaurant in Laguna Beach, CA.

Selanne Steak Tavern

Some juicy, mouthwatering steak is always bound to make the list, and for our list, that steak comes from Selanne Steak Tavern. The steakhouse isn’t the only award winner, either, seeing as proprietor Teemu Selanne is a six-time Olympian and Hockey Hall of Famer.

Beautiful steak, poultry, and seafood go perfectly with house cocktails, beers, and a particularly Californian wine selection. Your dining experience can be different every time, too, since there are multiple dining settings available for seating: The Loft, the Wine Library, the Tavern, the Veranda, and the Sunset Terrace.

Make sure to check out their menu here before going.

Las Brisas

SoCal wouldn’t be SoCal without its strong Mexican influence and culture, and one manifestation of this influence in Laguna Beach is the incredible dining experience of Las Brisas. One of the best spots in Laguna Beach to sip on a cocktail and watch the sunset, the incredible Mexican seafood, and the dazzling views will be competing to be the best part of the night. Need to see a peek before heading over there? Head on over to their site here.

These are our favorite picks for food in the city, but there could be so many variations of this list that we’d agree with! Luckily for Laguna Beach residents and visitors, the food scene is more than vibrant, active, and alive.

Do you have a favorite spot you think should make the list? Let us know!

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Interested in even more tips on dining in Laguna Beach? Check out the video below for the best restaurants in Laguna according to Modern Millennial Events. (Don’t get mad at them if there opinions differ from ours…)

Where is the Best Place to Live in Orange County?

newport beach, orange county, best place to live in orange county

If you ask a handful of people for their ideal living conditions, you’re bound to get a handful of different answers. The truth is, there is no one perfect place to live that will live up to everybody’s expectations. Some people like a big and busy city, some people prefer quiet nature spots. Some people prefer to be near big and famous festivals, and some would rather keep the action at bay. Luckily, whatever your preferences might be, Orange County has a little bit of everything to offer.

Some of the most beautiful beaches in the country, countless outdoor activities, a great shopping scene, some world-class food culture, perfect weather, and big cities like LA and San Diego nearby. The most difficult part about deciding to live in Orange County is deciding where in Orange County you’ll feel most at home. Here are some suggestions of the best place to live in Orange County, for your consideration.

newport beach, best place to live in orange county
Watching the sunset in Newport Beach, California

Newport Beach

It’s no wonder that Newport Beach is often cited as the best Orange County has to offer. If your dream city is a beachside paradise, Newport has more than plenty to offer. Newport Harbor, the Balboa Peninsula, and the two local piers offer some beautiful views and great afternoons in the ocean breeze.

The job market in Newport Beach is a strong one for people living in the city and nearby, with great opportunities for individuals in healthcare, accommodation and food services, and finance. The city is also home to many top-rated schools, which makes it an attractive prospect for families who love the beach life. The cost of living in Newport isn’t for everyone, however, and it’s certainly something to take into consideration. The median home value lies around $2 million, while the median rent is easily upwards of $2000. Paradise comes at a cost, after all.

irvine, best places to live in orange county
Aerial View of Downtown Irvine


Not to be outdone, Irvine is regularly considered one of the most popular and attractive places to live in Orange County for a variety of reasons. The exciting and bustling economy is one of the shining benefits of the city, with a strong presence from entertainment giants like Blizzard Entertainment, Google, and Amazon.

A top-notch school system is another great benefit as well as, of course, prestigious institutions like the University of California, Irvine, and the OC Center of the University of Southern California. Irvine has also been considered the safest big city in the country for nearly a decade which, all things considered, makes it a very popular location for single families.

laguna beach, best place to live in orange county
A view of the Main Beach Coastline in Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach

It might be easy to write off every Orange County city as a beachside paradise—which isn’t a bad thing, don’t get us wrong—but if you’re looking for a bit of a different vibe, Laguna Beach might be the right spot for you. The city has an undeniably artistic vibe, and is a bit less flashy when it comes to showing off net worth. Although you might consider it a seaside resort town, it somehow still manages to feel like a suburb, somewhat more unassuming than its coastal neighbors.

The small-town feel mixed with the artist and entrepreneur population tends to make for interesting and refreshing interactions and relationships that you might not find in other parts of Orange County. The unassuming vibe won’t mean that it doesn’t cost a pretty penny to become a resident, however. Cost of living rivals that of Newport Beach.

We consider these to be some of the best spots for settling down in Orange County that might meet a variety of standards and preferences. From the lifelong sailor to the modest successful artist, there’s a little something for everyone at Orange County. Wherever you end up, we’re happy to see you considering one of our favorite places in the world. Hope to see you here soon!

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