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Business Setup

Things That We Do

Setting Up Accounting Software and Systems

Establishing Payroll Processes


Setting Up LLCs

Setting Up DBAs

Financial Modeling


Ad Hoc Consulting

Creating Your Back Office From Scratch

Business Formation Services

Lots of people have great ideas and are ready to start a business but need help with some of the details. That’s where we come in. We can help as much or as little as needed, whether that means passing on some tips or functioning as your partner and back office.

Common issues we help with include assisting you in determining the appropriate business setup, creating payroll processes, setting up accounting software and systems, creating budgets, building financial models, filing for Federal Employer Identification Numbers, and setting up LLCs and dbas. Have a question on something else? Just ask. We are here to help, however much or little that’s needed.

Business Setup FAQ

There are several reasons for this. Companies like ours have been through this process before and can help you to setup established systems that will help your business to function effectively. We also know the regulatory landscape, and have seen the kinds of mistakes that capable new business people often make and later regret. Finally, it’s much easier and more efficient to stay organized from the beginning than waiting and then having a mess to sort through, usually in a rush, and usually at tax time.

Starting a new business in CA? We’ve got some great materials to help you. Click here for a great video explaining how to setup a company in CA. Click here for a blog post if you prefer reading. And click here for an abridged video guide for those short on time.

Take a look at our resource center. We’ve got great blog postsvideosexplanations of common accounting terms and useful links to help you on your business journey. Accounting, bookkeeping, and all things related to the finance department are our passion, and we love teaching others.

Is there something in particular that you would like to learn about but can’t find anything in our resources? Let us know and we’ll write about it.

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