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Accounting Services

Strong accounting is key for any enterprise, yet a surprising number of businesses have a poorly functioning accounting department that is ineffective, inefficient, and just too expensive. By outsourcing to a professional accounting company like My OC Bookkeeper you can improve the quality of your accounting capabilities and often save money at the same time. We are experts at what we do – let us help you.

At My OC Bookkeeper we provide a wide range of accounting services to businesses across industries. Each relationship is different, and we cater our services to your specific needs. In some cases basic help will do, in others you may need in depth reporting and financial analysis so you can make difficult strategic decisions. Whatever you may need, we are here to help you to create a lean, effective, and insightful accounting department that can be an asset rather than a liability.

We work with companies from all over Southern California whether they’re in Orange County, San Diego, Los Angeles, or Riverside. Our typical accounting services include: Financial & Management Reporting; Fixing Mistakes in Your Books; Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Reviews or Closes; Financial Analysis; and Family Accounting. Read on to learn more.

Financial Management & Reporting

Management and financial reporting involve creating reports that provide insights into either an entire business or a department within that business. They are usually done on a recurring schedule and often involve key performance indicators (KPIs) or other forms of financial data. Generally speaking, the goal is to provide management (or investors) with information that they can use to fuel their strategic decision making and/or better understand the innerworkings of the company. If you’re interested in creating reports that will provide you with actionable information on your company, let us know. Getting into the weeds and pulling out insights is something that we love.

Fixing Mistakes in Your Books

Are your books a mess? Disappointed with the work of your previous bookkeeper or accountant? That is something we hear all of the time. Mishandled books can cause confusion, stand in the way of strategic decision making, cause tax errors, and make your finance function slow and inefficient. We have seen it all when it comes to bookkeeping errors and can step in to fix mistakes so they don’t compound and get worse year after year. Don’t wait any longer, reach out to us today!

Monthly, Quarterly, Year End Close or Review

Accounts payable is the recording and management of bills sent to you by vendors, and accounts receivable is the recording and management of invoices you send to customers. Properly managing AP and AR ensures that you pay your bills on time and get paid on time. We can just record your bills and invoices and let you handle the payments, or we can manage the entire process start to finish. We can just do the AP and leave the AR to you, or just do the AR and leave the AP to you, whatever helps you the most.

Financial Analysis

Financial analysis entails scrutinizing the data resulting from day to day bookkeeping and accounting – often as expressed through financial statements – in order to better understand how a business is functioning. It often involves ratios such as the debt to equity ratio, ROI, days payable outstanding, or net profit ratio, and may be a component of the management reporting process. (See above.) There is nothing we like better than digging deep into the numbers to pull out insights. This is fun for us, so if you need some help with financial analysis, let us know.

Family Accounting

Family accounting is a broad concept that can mean different things for different families. Typical services include tracking and paying bills, managing and preparing budgets, aiding with strategic planning, assisting with tax preparation, creating family level financial statements, and general support with issues as they arise. When we help families with their accounting we treat their books as if they were are own. If you are interested in taking a good look at your personal finances, reach out to us and let’s get to work.

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