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Our Educational Videos

Welcome to the My OC Bookkeeper Video Learning Center

At My OC Bookkeeper we love teaching our clients (and people who aren’t our clients) some of the useful things that we know about accounting, bookkeeping, taxes and technology. With that in mind we are putting together some video resources for you to watch. If you find them useful please like them and follow our channel on YouTube.

Starting a Business in California – Our Quick Guide

In this video we provide a quicker, more broad strokes introduction to setting up a business in CA than in our more thorough video listed above. Take a look to pick up the key points regarding setting up a successful business here in CA, or anywhere.

Starting a Business in California – Our Step by Step Guide

In this video we provide step by step instructions regarding how to start a business in California. We discuss the various company types that are available, how to select a name, getting a federal employer ID, applying for various local permits and registrations, setting up a company bank account and credit card, and various ongoing regulatory requirements. We also offer several great websites to help you on your way. A great saver of time, money, and headaches.

Introduction to My OC Bookkeeper and Its Services

In this video we introduce some of the great reasons to hire an outside bookkeeper and some of the specific services we offer at My OC Bookkeeper.

Introduction to Creating a Ledger in Excel

In this video we provide a basic introduction on how to create a bookkeeping ledger in Excel. Knowing how to create a ledger is probably the first thing a business owner needs to learn about bookkeeping & accounting, and Excel is a great place to do it.