3 Restaurants You Should Try in Laguna Niguel

A young woman eats pasta, symbolic of the lovely restaurants in Laguna Niguel.

Our Favorite Restaurants in Laguna Niguel

Perhaps most well-known for its famously extensive system of parks and trails, the masterfully planned community of Laguna Niguel has so much to offer to locals and guests alike. A community interest for nature and arts is celebrated with the beautiful Niguel Botanical Preserve and the Echoes & Visions Juried Fine Art Show. Such a busy and culturally rich city needs some good eats to enjoy too, and Laguna Niguel delivers. Here are 3 restaurants you should try whenever you’re in town!  

China Moon

From the 30+ years of culinary expertise brought to the table by Chef John, to every dish being individually crafted for every order, to the servers being meticulously trained by the Chens to offer the absolute best service, every visit to China Moon will be absolutely memorable. The team regularly receives well-earned praise, such as the prestigious Southern California Restaurant Writers Award.

From the delicious Mu Shu to the mouth watering Szechuan Pork and the all-important rice noodles, there’s a stunning dish for everyone on this masterful menu. If you’ve been looking for some great Mandarin and Szechuan cuisine, look no further!

Acai Republic

Immigrants especially know the yearning for traditional food, especially when only inauthentic copies or fusion is what’s available. That’s the passion behind Açaí Republic, founded by a Brazilian immigrant who came to the US to teach jiu jitsu.

Organic Açaí brought in directly from the Amazon and the best fruit come together to bring you a completely authentic Brazilian Açaí Bowl, as well as delicious smoothies and freshly-squeezed juices. Whether you just need to pop in for a quick smoothie, or you’d rather sit down for a Bowl, these are the perfect candidates for a refreshing and nutritious meal that is great fuel for any athlete.

A delicious looking acai bowl, similar to what you can get at the Acai Republic restaurant in Laguna Niguel.
A delicious looking Acai bowl.

Belgium Waffle Haus

Specialty coffees, Belgium Liege Waffles, and authentic Pearl Sugar imported directly from Belgium. Need we say more?

Belgium Waffle Haus is truly an experience, from the Prosciutto & Egg Waffle Sandwich, to the Tiramisu waffle made with house made tiramisu and dark chocolate, to the savory Smoke Salmon Waffle. After one visit, you’ll never see waffles the same way again.

These are our picks for some of the most exciting and delicious places to grab a bite or two while in Laguna Niguel, but this list is certainly far from exhaustive. Did we miss your favorite spot? Let us know!

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3 Places To Go Sightseeing in Laguna Niguel

A large tree overlooking a lake in a green park, much like you'd find at Laguna Niguel Regional Park.

Like the rest of Orange County, there’s always a plethora of things to do around Laguna Niguel. From the bustling food scene to spending a relaxing day in the coastal climate at the country club, there’s a little something for everybody. One thing that no one should pass up on, however, is catching some breathtaking views in Laguna Niguel’s beautiful parks. Here are three places to go sightseeing!

Laguna Niguel Regional Park

Watch the sunrays dance off the stunning 44-acre lakefront and center in Laguna Niguel Regional Park. In between appreciating this dazzling sight, you can take advantage of the regularly stocked fishing population. Make sure the whole family has a line to cast!

Picnic shelters and some of the best hiking trails in the region surrounding the lake. Visitors can also enjoy playing horseshoe, exploring the playground, some friendly volleyball and tennis matches, and the community amphitheater. Fond of model gliders? There’s a dedicated area for that too!

Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park

Dazzling sunsets are a big part of the equation for many landscape chasers, but for others, there’s another important element: wildlife! Visiting spaces full of thriving wildlife is a great reminder of who we share this planet with, and is a great opportunity to appreciate the beauty of nature.

Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park is the perfect place in Laguna Niguel for this. The 45 hundred acres of wilderness stretch further than your eyes can see, layered with mature oaks, sycamores, and elderberry trees. The park is designated as a wildlife sanctuary, and many endangered plants and animals call it home.

Niguel Botanical Preserve

Not all breathtaking sights have to involve strenuous hikes, of course, and the Niguel Botanical Preserve offers some beautiful views on a comfortable stroll. As they put it on their own site, “the purpose of the Niguel Botanical Preserve is to display garden-worthy plants appropriate to the Southern California region, collected from five areas of the world with similar Mediterranean climates.”

There’s an impressive variety of fauna on display, from South Africa to Australia, that can thrive in your own OC backyard! It may not be endless acres of wildlife, but the comfortable path through the Botanical Preserve is a beautiful masterclass in how breathtaking your own garden can be.

These are our favorite places in Laguna Niguel to catch some beautiful sights. Have you visited all of them? Which was your favorite? Let us know!

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